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I went to Dan for advice on how to get toned, as I was struggling in the gym doing it myself. First thing he did was set me up with a new gym programme, explaining about the benefits of higher reps in my sets. Then he taught me how to get to my goal, as I needed to change my nutritional approach. He set me up a personalised diet plan which took into account my working days and personal life. He advised me on what supplements I should take and when to take them. Dan makes sure I'm happy with what is in my training programme, making sure I'm not struggling with anything. He constantly checks on how my diet is going and will send me recipes for me to try, ensuring the recipes fit into my current nutrition plan. During personal training, or if we are working out together, he will always check my form and technique, making sure I'm working the muscles correctly and getting the best results that I possibly can. He will always push me to the next level, motivating me to test me body to the limit. Dan is really knowledgeable, caring and passionate about health, fitness and his clients. He wants you to hit your goals as much as you do. Dan has helped me hit my goals and now I am ready to aim for higher ones.



I am a 38 year old working, single mum of one and have been training with Dan now for 5 years. I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. When I first started it was all cardio related and I had no idea what to do, I didn’t like classes and was afraid to step out of my comfort zone. Confidence was non-existent. Dan started me on the weighted machines and then he encouraged me to start braving the weights area on quieter days and then over time my confidence started to improve. It wasn’t until Dan got me lifting weights that my body really started to change shape and tone up, I was then hooked. 


My diet was my main struggle, I used to live on takeaways, chocolate and sweets so he gave me a diet plan and nutritional advice. For me this was the hardest part of my journey, but with Dan’s guidance and expertise I got there and live a much much healthier life. For the last 2 years I have taken things more seriously. I train 6 days a week with a programme of weights, cardio and abs. Dan has also taught me flexible dieting which allows me to enjoy some treats and stay within my macros (proteins, carbs and fats) all tracked on MyFitnessPal. I was 10st 5 when I started this journey and now weigh 8st 5. I am healthy, fit and very strong with a new found confidence. I will admit that it hasn’t always been easy, with difficult moments in my life but with the support of Dan, close friends and family I have always kept up with my regime. Dan is always there for support, to encourage and will get you the results you want.



I've always been a reasonably healthy and active person. However, I wasn't really seeing any real results from the gym. Dan offered to put together a weekly fitness plan for me, which has helped me to concentrate on my problem areas and improve my overall fitness. When Dan is training me, he will ensure my technique is correct, to allow me to maximise my weight training potential. He is very friendly and an approachable personal trainer and will always push you to get the best results you can. Along with the one on one training, he has written me several customised meal plans to fit my lifestyle, including carb cycling and IIFYM's (if it fits your macros) which has also helped me to lose those few pounds I couldn't shift previously. I have a much better understanding of nutrition and fitness and would not be where I am today without the help and support from Dan. I would highly recommend Dan as a personal trainer, as he provides sound advice and will support you every step of the way to a new you!




I decided to join the gym in March 2014 for probably the same reason most people do - I was feeling unfit and overweight. That's when I met Dan when he did my gym induction. I kept going to the gym 2 to 3 times a week for a couple of months and did notice an improvement however I felt I wasn't pushing myself as much as I could do. So I talked to Dan about having Personal Training (PT) with him and I started having an hour a week from July. Dan not only helped with my exercise but also looked at my diet. Although I am vegetarian, Dan worked out a diet plan that I have found very easy to follow, which includes protein shakes. Over the months, he has tweaked it for me to ensure my body doesn't get too used to it and plateau out. The combination of careful diet (with a very important cheat day incorporated), one hour a week PT with Dan and going to the gym myself 3 to 4 times each week, I have seen great results. In March 2014 I was 69kg. In August 2014 I had dropped to 65kg and I also started to measure myself too. My waist measurement in August was 75cm. In March 2015, my weight is 59 kg and my waist is 67cm. So a total loss of 10kg in one year and in the last 7 months I have lost 8cm off my waist!!! I feel so much better physically, not so tired and I also enjoy the gym as a stress buster after work!! I am also enjoying replacing my wardrobe!!! My family and friends have been very supportive over the last year but I could not have done this without Dan. He helps to motivate me with gentle encouragement, always asking how the diet is going and is always there to help with any questions. He keeps me on my toes by always changing the exercise plan which not only reduces the risk of getting bored but also ensures my body doesn't get used to the same exercises. Although I do work hard on my own in the gym, during PT I definitely push myself to the limit!! Dan clearly works out himself and is very careful with his diet - again, that is good for the motivation. I don't want to be told about healthy eating and how to exercise by someone who clearly doesn't practice what they preach. I have struggled with dieting and my weight for about 15 years - I now see regular exercise and a healthy eating plan as a lifestyle change and something I WANT to keep up with and I can only thank Dan for that!



I entered Dan's competition on his Facebook page and won a free diet plan. After reading it, it really opened my eyes that to achieve my goals I needed to really up my nutrition as well. Working in a bakery it is always hard being around so much temptation! But I cook myself nutritional lunches for work and dinners both me and my parents love in the evening. Dan is such a massive support towards me and my goals and he even gave me some free training tips as well, I've seen so much difference to myself and how I feel in my body now. I can't thank Dan enough and hope one day I can reach the same level he is on! 



Put quite simply, Dan is a weight loss chief! After hitting a plateau in my weight loss and getting frustrated with killing myself in the gym for hours, 6 days a week with no results other than constant injuries, I decided I needed to sort my nutrition out. I've always eaten fairly healthy but I was pretty damn clueless on portion sizes, what I should be eating and the dreaded word carbs. So I decided to contact Dan for advice and OMG he's literally changed my outlook on food and has taught me so much about how to refuel my body correctly. I found the food plan quite tough for the first few weeks or so as there is A LOT of food prepping involved but once you get into a routine it becomes the norm! I also found FAGE yoghurt difficult to eat at the beginning.. There's something not quite right about being able to stand a spoon up in pot of yoghurt! But now it's my evening treat that I look forward to... Not as much as my cheat meal though!! CHEAT MEAL DAYS ARE THE BEST DAYS!!

With Dan's help I've managed to plough through my plateau (and then some!) and have even managed to get some cheeky abs shining through! For the first time ever in my life! I've also got so much more energy now and my skin seems to be so much better... What more could you ask for?!

I would without a doubt recommend Dan to help you on your weight loss journey and I can't rate him highly enough! It takes a lot of dedication, preparation and determination to stick with the plan but Dan is always there to offer support every step of the way!


Before I started personal training I was already going to the gym 3 times a week but only doing cardio and I wouldn't dream of stepping foot in the weights room! I never saw any changes to my body. I have stayed the same weight and size for years. I also tried every diet going with it never being successful. 


After talking to Dan in the gym he put together a new gym programme for me which incorporated weights and different forms of training. I started to see small changes but I wanted more! So I started personal training with him in march and he also put together a food plan for me to follow. I couldn't have been more happier when he gave me cottage cheese and macadamia nuts as a snack. What a taste sensation! 


Since march I have changed so much, my whole concept of food is different and I feel so much happier and healthier for it. Some days were a really struggle, and after every session with him I would get home and say 'that was the hardest session yet'! However Dan was there with his motivation to keep me on track and the results are incredible. I have gone down a dress size, lost 21lbs and have toned up all over.  


I couldn't recommend Dans personal training anymore. He has been such a guidance and helped my confidence in the gym no end. He is so knowledgeable in his role and his passion shows. Thank you Dan!


Dan compiled a nutritional plan for me and a friend, as we were going on holiday. I've been doing weights for a good few years now, but progress just hit a Plateau. After 6 weeks of the nutritional plan I lost a stone in body fat and had the start of a six pack coming through which I'd NEVER had before. My muscles were more defined and I have never had so much energy. 


Now the holiday is finished I'm sticking to the plan because I enjoyed following it so much and because I love the results. I knew how important your diet was but didn't realize I'd get results as quickly as I did. Not only has it helped with my physique but it has taught me about portion sizes, nutrition and the importance of eating regularly. Dan tailored the plan to my requirements and the food I enjoyed eating, which made it really easy to follow. He was always on hand for excellent advice and I can't recommend him enough. 



I am so grateful for Dan's support as I was training for my first marathon. The increase in my mileage meant I needed some more knowledge on how to best fuel myself.


The structure of the nutrition programme he set up for me was an incredibly helpful guide, and something I continue to integrate in my life. He is supportive and encouraging in all of our exchanges and I don't know what I would have done without his kindness



After reaching a plateau in my fitness journey I asked Dan to put together a nutrition plan for me. I had no idea how to count macros or what foods would fuel my workouts. You can't out-train a bad diet! It's so true! I was working out 6 days a week but the weight wasn't dropping and at the time I wasn't seeing the results I wanted!

Dan put together a plan for me that was calorie and macro counted. I enjoyed the meals and in the first week dropped 5lb (which I know was more likely to be water weight - but I felt amazing). I knew what foods were best to eat before my workouts and after to get the best results. Dan put me on a 'carb cycling' plan and since this, I now have a better understanding of food and I'm over the moon with the results.


I had been a gym member for one year, I had lost most of the weight that I wanted to but was feeling that I didn't have the energy for training and sporting activities.


I spoke to Dan and asked him to write me a nutritional meal plan based on my activities. His first conclusion was that I was under eating by up to 1000 calories per day and therefore would feel tired from the daily exercise I was doing.


Following Dan's meal plan has been interesting, it has made me look at food in a different way, seeing how the macro nutrients fuel my body correctly. I have been following Dan's plan for two months and feel more energised, with my running, golfing and indoor climbing all showing great improvement.


I was concerned that I would put on weight but the opposite has happened. I have lost some more weight and gained lean muscle. I am enjoying preparing the food and I'm now cooking proper meals.



I had been going the gym and getting my workout plans online, but was not seeing any progress. So, after seeing what Dan had achieved for himself and for others, I thought I would sign up for an online coaching package! 


After speaking to Dan it was clear I was trying to fit too much in. I was also just going through the motions and not lifting enough weight. Dan worked a meal plan to suit my goals and to fit my lifestyle. I had been doing a lot of fad diets and crashing at the weekends.


From Dan I received 24 hour support and I found easy ways to meal prep, as well as learning how to track my own macro-nutrient targets. In 8 weeks I have lost a stone (14 lbs) and around 5% body fat by sticking to the plans Dan set me!


I would highly recommend Dan whatever your fitness goals, and I continue to use Dan with reviews for meal plans and for workout plans.



I've always struggled with my weight and with my wedding coming up next year I wanted get down to a good weight. I’d always used gyms but found it hard to start loosing weight. So I approached Dan who I knew from working with Active Life.


I went with his online coaching package, which included nutrition plans and work out plans. From the off Dan was supportive, understanding and couldn’t have been more helpful . His online welcome package explained everything I needed to know about nutrition and macronutrients (proteins, carbs and fats)


The plan itself was easy to follow. If I wasn't sure of something or needed to change bits around Dan was on hand to help, advise and encouraged me to be adventurous with foods (within reason).


From the off I started to loose weight and before I knew it I’d lost 1 stone. The weight continued to fall, even when there was weeks that the weight slowed up Dan was on hand to encourage and support me, as well as amending my diet schedule. 


I would 100% recommend Dan for what ever you fitness goals are! But remember, you need to be 100% on board!



I have been working on my fitness with Dan for a few years now, but the last four months, my training has stepped up a level as I decided to compete in a Bikini Body competition. Watching Dan compete himself on a number of occasions was serious motivation for this. Although fresh to coaching anyone into a competition, Dan was more than willing to help me through it, and with his continuous winning streak I thought he must be doing something right. I cannot emphasis how knowledgeable, motivating and supporting Dan is and was throughout the entire prep. 


Prep was tough, I knew it would be but Dan never doubted or stopped believing in me. His knowledge of fitness and fitness competing meant he knew what was best for me, when deciding what category would best suit my look. 


I walked away on show day with a top 5 placing and even better, a 3rd place trophy in Miss Bikini Babe. I am proud of myself, but I honestly could not have done this without the help of Dan. His passion for the industry is beyond words. Not just for competing, but for any fitness goals you are aiming for, Dan is most certainly the guy to go to. His drive, determination, knowledge and support is unreal and he will get you the results that you want"



So, Dan is working his magic. Of course I have to do the hard work and be good when no one is watching, but with Dan’s guidance I have changed my lifestyle.


I’m not on a diet, there is not one single food that I can’t have. It’s all about having some self discipline and it really is simple maths. I just make sure I burn more calories than I consume. I’m spending less than three hours a week doing exercise and I also do a desk job for a living. So it’s not all about being a gym addict. It’s more about what I feed myself.


I hate being hungry, so working with Dan has made life easy, because he has suggested the best foods for me to eat which keep me full, but also keep me at my calorie target.


I think the biggest thing I have learnt is making the right choices! I love to eat out, which I do on this plan, but I make informed choices about what to have. It’s the self discipline that comes in as the choices I make before and after the “treat” meal are very careful. Day to day my weight fluctuates, but on the weekly basis I weigh less overall compared to my previous weekly weigh in. That’s the critical part!

The last thing that I think is one of the most important factors is consistency. It sounds boring but once I’ve made a few small changes and built some things into my life that I do everyday, the results have come. 


I really can’t thank Dan enough for his support, guidance and knowledge. Every time I have had a concern, question or issue with either my nutrition or training he has been there with an answer. Cheers mate!



I started training with Dan just over a year ago (2017)

I decided to do this because even though I was in love with training, but it was mainly cardio based and a few light weights. I felt on my own I just didn’t get the same buzz anymore and my body wasn’t really responding to the workouts completed. I fell into the cycle of exercising and eating well Monday to Friday – also known as minimal calories Monday to Friday and then bingeing at weekends. This had an impact on my body where I was either exhausted or bloated and lethargic from not treating myself well.


And then I started training with Dan....


This opened up a whole new world to me! Nutritionally. I learned that I could eat what foods I wanted, as long as I had a good balance to keep my energy up and to fuel my body. My food choices became much more wide ranged and interesting. I found that I was much more aware of what I was putting in my body and enjoyed everything I ate rather than it just being convenient or just eating it because it was a Saturday. 


I started to feel more energised and my food choices improved dramatically as nothing was really off the menu – a little bit of planning goes a long way!


I also started to heavy weight train with Dan! The rush of endorphins it gives me is pretty amazing, not to mention that I am now strong, toned and lean! And yes I still eat burgers and chocolate, but not every day.


Dan has supported me from when I first met him, as I just wanted to look decent in a bikini and he got me there! By Eating well and training well. But then he surpassed himself – he got me through my show prep for Pure Elite where I earned my Pro Card. Not only bikini body ready but Stage Ready! Nothing was more daunting or challenging, but any text message I sent was replied to, and any feelings of doubt I had were soon corrected by Dan. Every step I felt that Dan really invested in me and cared about what my goals were. 


This has been totally true for the whole time we have trained together. It is always clear that Dan gives me and his other clients, more than a 100%. He listens to you and will adapt to your needs. I can honestly say that for me, he has really helped me fulfil my potential and I am incredibly grateful. I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t made that first contact and stepping into his studio which has helped changed my whole physique and mind-set – I can't imagine not training with him anymore!

gandy test.jpeg



Couldn't have had a better prep coach!...


Dan was a pleasure to have as my bikini comp coach. During 2017 and early 2018 I always considered entering a fitness competition, but had no idea who to ask or where to go. Until I contacted Dan. 


I researched his online coaching and saw what amazing transformations his clients made! Not only for comp prep, but general fitness goals too! He replied very fast to my questions and was super positive throughout the 16 weeks. 


Within those weeks I managed to lose just under 2 stone and so many inches off my body. I became a totally different person and loved every moment. Mr Rayner is extremely passionate about diet, prep, training, and gives so much information to you. 


Now don't be afraid and think that his diet plan will be hard to follow...It's the complete opposite! You can have your ice cream and not feel bad about it! Dan teaches you about macros and how to fit in the things you love, without going too far. He also supplies information about his main food supplier "muscle food" which you can order from to receive quick, affordable, healthy goodies and meals. 


I loved my prep all the way until my stage day, to which I stepped on stage feeling the best I ever have! Also very inspired to compete alongside Dan himself at PURE ELITE WORLDS 2018. 


So if you have any fitness/health goals for yourself, Dan is definitely the man to go to!

chloe testimonial.jpeg


I followed Dan for a while on Instagram and saw his whole competition journey. So when I decided to compete myself I wanted Dan as my coach. I admire his approach to the whole prep process and he's made this prep so easy and smooth for me. 


I saw results every single week and he's always encouraging me and supports me every step of the way. Prepping for this show has been such an enjoyable experience and I've loved every minute! I feel like I've learned so much about myself and I'm so so proud of myself! Standing on stage was an incredible feeling and even better to come away with a trophy.


Dan has been there for me every step of the journey! Given me the guidance I needed and kept me calm when I had moments of panic. Thank you Dan for believing in me from the start and making the process stress free.

kirsty transformation.JPG


I’ve been working with Dan for the last 8 months, which isn’t that long, but I’ve achieved more in this 8 months than I have ever achieved in years. My main goal was to lose weight. I gained 23lbs since my wedding in April 2013. Since then, I’ve yo-yo-ed in my weight, diet and exercise.


I’ve learnt so much since training with Dan! I’ve started calorie counting which gives me a great understanding in what I’m putting into my body. Calorie counting also doesn’t deprive me in having chocolate and treats I just know when to stop and be in control, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on any food. If I fancy something, I have it and won’t punish myself for doing so.


I have two PT sessions with Dan and have recently added a training session on my own, mainly use free weights. Doing this training I’ve seen a massive difference in my body shape, although a little scary at first lifting heavy weights, I can see the results and I feel much better in myself, It’s actually nice to know for the first time in a long time I feel “summer ready”.


So I started this journey at 12st 2lbs, and I now weigh 10 st 5lbs. I’m 2lb lighter than my wedding weight and 3lb off loosing 2st. In this space was Christmas and a weeks all inclusive holiday. Which both weeks I stopped counting calories and enjoyed myself.


Dan is a very motivated person and all he wants to do is help you achieve your goals. He’s very knowledgeable in what he does and I can’t believe I have achieved so much. You have been a massive help in keeping me on track, so a massive THANK YOU for all that you have done! I really don’t think I would halve achieved my goal without all your help



I have been working with Dan over the last 12 weeks, coaching me through my first competition prep for the amateur Pure Elite competition on 06/07/19. Dan was just fantastic, he allowed flexibility in my diet through the use of counting macro-nutrients, no food type was excluded and cardio was tapered into the diet slowly over the 12 weeks. This resulted in my lowest calorie intake in a single day of 2,200 (not bad right?!).


Away from the technical side of a competition prep, Dan was easy to work with and saw him as a mate rather than a coach! He was supportive 100% of the time and always available for any queries or concerns. Long story short, Dan is a top top coach whatever your fitness needs and goals are. He will be with you every step of the way, I don't call him the magician for nothing - He coached me to second place and Pure Elite pro status!



Well what can I say about Dan, apart from the fact he’s changed my life! Dan’s coached me for the past few months and has helped get me through Christmas and down periods with his support, knowledge and kindness. As someone who’s not training for a competition and wasn’t an avid gym goer, Dan has helped me to see food different, increased my fitness and wellbeing through detailed plans and 24/7 support.

Dan’s philosophy is to make this a lifestyle and unlike slimming clubs he’s never once made me feel guilty or bad even if I’ve had a wobble, instead he reinforces that this is a lifestyle change and it is adaptable around you. There’s no fad/extreme dieting or unbearable workout plans, it’s simple and easy to follow when you work with Dan. Would recommend him to anyone who wants to change their habits for the better and improve their confidence. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future brings working with Dan and making new goals.



Working with Dan has been really refreshing! Even though I couldn’t make the gym, he gave me a circuit that has still enabled me to make progress. Whenever I felt like I didn’t want to track calories, he supported me, to allow me to know that, that was ok. Rather than making me stick to it, this enabled me to feel less guilty! He was also there whenever I messaged, and filled me with confidence and support! Thank you Dan!



I looked to Dan a few months ago because I wanted to really try and cut down on my body fat. I’d tried cutting before but either given up after a few weeks or just not got the results I’d wanted. The plan Dan gave me was detailed and specific to what I wanted to achieve. If ever I had a question or needed advice he was only an email away and no matter what day of the week it was he was always happy to help.

After a couple of weeks starting the 12 week programme, lockdown started and I was unable to use a gym. So I gave Dan the limited list of equipment I had and he gave me a brand new customised plan that would still help me to achieve my goals. I was a bit sceptical before I started the programme about using an online personal trainer, but am so glad I did. Dan is very experienced and knowledgeable and has taught me so much, I’ll definitely be using him again in the future.



I completed the 12 week summer shred with Dan and where do I start.... To sum it up, Dan and the programme was amazing! Not only did I come away with a smaller waist and a bigger bum (let's face it, that's why we do it) I gained the knowledge needed to be able to carry on once the plan had ended. Dan helped me understand food and what my body actually needs. He took all the guess work out, set me up a plan and give me great support throughout!

Dan changed my mind set completely when it comes to weight lost. Before my I started I was so focused on scale numbers and every day weighing in. But by end of the 12 weeks I couldn't of cared less what the numbers said, as I felt amazing and clothes are fitting so much better. Never in my life did I think I could give scales up. Lockdown has been so much easier as I had this to focus on and the support of great coach! If you guys want to change, want support, want to be able to understand just how easy it is (which it is once you have your head around it), want to lose weight, want to tone up, went be healthy, and want an overall better mind set, then you need sign up with Dan! It’s the best thing that you will do this year!



Working with Dan has been a complete game changer for me. I have been surprised at how sensible and manageable his approach is, and it has been easy to integrate into my everyday life. The sessions themselves are challenging, but I have come to enjoy them and get on with Dan really well as he is such a nice chap. I would not (and do not) hesitate to recommend him to anybody that is interested. Thanks Dan for giving me my life back.



6 weeks ago I approached Dan to help me, as I decided I wanted to set myself a goal to lose 4kg. I have been training with Dan since the very beginning and have exceeded my goal and more. In these last 6 weeks not only have I reached my goal but I have gained all new self confidence and a more positive wellbeing in life! 


Dan is an excellent personal trainer, he kept me motivated on the days I felt sluggish and pushed me to the max. I have enjoyed every week and looked forward to every check in!! Would highly recommend.



The 12 week summer shred programme has been fantastic. My results (visually) might not be as dramatic as some of Dan’s other clients BUT what really hit home, was how simple it was to get into better shape and and gain a better fitness level. 


Output more than input! Dan is a very special personal trainer! He understands the intrinsic connection between mental and physical health! He is also rather pleasing on the eye! And when he says ‘trust me’, if you want to make a change in your health and fitness, just do it! 


I struggled with reaching the calorie target Dan set for me! It was a process of unlearning a lifetime of unhealthy misinterpretations of the word ‘diet’. Once I let go and decided to trust Dan, it all fell into place. Dan has helped to change my mindset, and at 47 (shhhh) that is no easy task. I am happier, eating what I like, and working it off! Simple! Dan is definitely not just a pretty face and come on people, you have to agree he definitely is that! His genuine interest and concern on his clients well being puts him in a class above the rest. 


If you are struggling, with lack of motivation, knowledge or just looking for a challenge, Dan has the answer! You just need to trust him, and be consistent. The results... will come. Thank you Dan! You certainly are The Man!



My results, so far, may not be much weight wise but, Jesus, strength, attitude, mental health, body confidence and so much more has improved so much, and I don’t know how to put it into words! I don’t think I could have got through the last few months without Dan’s weekly sessions, 24/7 support and encouragement. He is so in tune with you psychologically, as well as with regards to your physical health. 


Trust and consistency really are the key! There’s no magic potion, eating plan, weight loss food, just tracking what you eat & using the knowledge Dan gives you. I feel amazing and my gym sessions (planned by Dan) alongside my PT sessions with him are my therapy. He makes me feel totally at ease and makes me believe in myself. Something I haven’t done in a long time. 


I no longer hide from the mirror, I actually feel proud of myself, happier & I’ve made a new friend in Dan. If you want to turn your life around and get healthy, not skinny, starving yourself or popping pills for bulk, then contact this dude. He’s the best!




Thank you so much! I was stuck in a rut with either ‘dieting’ and feeling hungry and miserable or ‘not dieting’ and binge eating (and feeling miserable). Working with Dan on this plan hasn’t been hard work. I’ve been able to eat more than I would on my own diets and by introducing exercise, I have really felt the benefits to my health.


I liked that we worked together on the exercise plan and found workouts that I could enjoy. I was very unfit before, but it didn’t take me long to feel fitter. In my 12 weeks I have also been able to eat out and enjoy a normal lifestyle, whilst still achieving weight loss at my weekly check ins.


This is the first time in years that I have felt happy and comfortable with myself. I believe that with what I have learnt, I can keep up my new lifestyle moving forward. I can’t wait for next year to enjoy the summer with my family without hiding behind layers of baggy clothes on the beach




Thank you for the 12 week plan. I had let myself go and I can’t even blame lockdown, slipped into bad habits. The plan and support was just what I needed. It gave me the structure of a balanced lifestyle, the motivation to succeed, and the variations to the plan when needed. Helping me reach my goals. I’ve done diets before which worked but is too hard to keep up, but with this plan I can eat more and able to fit in foods that I like, whilst still losing weight.




I began working with Dan in December 2020. The initial aim was to lose some weight and gain a better relationship with food. I also at this time shared with Dan that I would like to compete in my first ever bikini competition in April 2021 as part of my 50th bucket list.


 Dan has a relaxed approach, sharing with me my weekly calorie allowance and protein target.  I had a good structured training plan for both at home workouts and gym sessions.


I had many wobbles along the way and Dan was consistent in his support and encouragement throughout. Weekly check ins were easy. I would not have got to the stage without Dan’s support. To gain a fifth placing was the icing on the cake. He comes highly recommend from me




I was diagnosed as under weight in November 2019. I weighed not much over 7 stone. I was tired all the time and felt like I didn't have an ounce of energy in me. I ate and ate but due to working in the nursing industry, working shifts and having two active boys to sort for clubs, school etc I never ate properly. I would spend so much time in my kitchen making wonderful healthy meals for the rest of the household before shifts, but then I would eat junk, miss meals or just go a whole day sometimes eating just a banana. 


I booked to see Dan in the February this year. If anything Dan and his PT sessions saved me this year. This years been tough for us all but working on the frontline in all of this has massively impacted all our mental health's. 


During lockdown I proved to myself I can run for miles and also found how much I love it. I also found my love for cycling during lockdown. Dan still set me targets even though I couldn't see him in his studio weekly and was still at the end of the phone if I needed anything during lockdowns. 


I see Dan once every other week now instead of weekly and I go to the gym 5 days a week minimum. Massive thank you to this man for supporting me in achieving everything I ever wanted and more. If this journey has taught me anything, it's taught me no matter how busy your life is, how unhealthy or unfit you think you are, if you want it, go and get it. Because anything and everything is achievable. I have met the bestest of friends during my journey this year both through PT and in the gym.




I have been training with Dan since I was 6 weeks postpartum. 2 babies in 2 years can knock your self confidence! Especially if you didn’t really lose the first lot of baby weight. 


Dan has helped me to work on not only my weight, but my confidence. I have struggled to keep weight off over the years, but since training with Dan, following his programme the weight has come off and stayed off. No fad diets! 


Dan is knowledgeable and passionate. He encourages and supports whenever you need it. I couldn’t recommend him enough. He has a client for life!




My whole life I have always been self-conscious about my body and physical appearance, especially my legs. Although I am not a larger built women, I’ve always had the potential to gain weight quicker than I could lose it, whilst yo-yoing in and out of bad eating habits. When I began my journey with Dan, I was 6 months post-partum with my first baby. On January 1st, 2021 I decided it was time for a drastic change. I restricted my carbs, cut all sugar, stopped drinking alcohol and again, lost a bit of weight but felt no better with myself. It was at this point, I came across Dan and where the REAL journey began.


Dan’s first response to my self-deprecating email was so positive and encouraging, I felt really excited to start. We went through my lifestyle and diet in detail and he quickly came back to me with a plan that met all my needs. Yes, I have had low points during the process it’s not always been easy, especially as a women, hormones have had an impact on my journey, but Dan has been so understanding and supportive throughout these moments and kept me on track. There has not been one point where I have felt lost or stuck with my training, as although he has only been my online coach, it felt like he has been right beside me, encouraging and advising me all the way.


Results. This is the part where I am lost for words. If anyone would have told me at this point in the year I would feel the best I have ever felt in my life, I would never have believed them. I find it hard to fully describe how amazing I feel and how thankful I am for this journey. The process (still ongoing!) has been life changing. I have learnt more about my body, than I ever knew. I’ve gone beyond the goals I initially had in mind for myself and will continue to smash them. Huge thank you Dan. You have no idea how much this has meant for me. J




I honestly can’t thank Dan enough for his coaching, help and support. Dan will tell you the first day I walked into our one to one session I was a bag of nerves and had zero confidence within myself.


I saw all the mirrors in his studio and I didn’t want to look at myself. Fast forward 12 weeks and I can’t wait for our sessions each week. I put on my shorts with confidence & finally like what I see in the mirror. My whole body has changed as well as my mindset. 


I’m happy, healthy and confident to walk into a gym or his studio. As well as now having the knowledge with the confidence to go for it. Dan never doubted me and always pushed me to my full potential. Never in a million years did I think I’d be ready for a photoshoot but it’s been one of the most amazing experiences of my life so far. I know this is just the beginning of an epic fitness journey

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Dan truly exceeded my expectations as an online coach! He was extremely knowledgeable, patient, supportive and motivating! Always there when I needed him yet also left me be when I just wanted to crack on with it. I'm a Personal Trainer myself, yet I loved every aspect of my training plan and food plan and never got bored. I really enjoyed being on prep and the whole process! I'm a logical person and like to know the why and science behind everything so Dan was great, explained everything and answered my endless questions! 

As a first timer competing, Dan talked me through the whole day and prepared me for everything that was to come and also gave me a post show plan which he didn't have to do. I had the BEST day and placed 2nd and 3rd in my categories. What I liked most about Dans style, it was always about how I felt above anything else! My well being was important to him. I am so very thankful of Dan and the whole experience! 

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I’ve been working out for some years and prepping for my first shows by myself. But I decided to push myself to a new level for my Pure Elite Pro debut and I knew I need some help to do it. So I asked Dan Rayner for help and I didn't regret it for a moment! Dan suggested me a new approach to training, pointed my weaknesses and a way to improve them. My training sessions were hard but enjoyable, and what is most important, I’ve maintained most of my strength to the end of the prep! In terms of nutrition, he perfectly combined the approach where I could still eat the foods I enjoy with strict focusing on the goal and constant monitoring of progress.
The result? Two second places and fourth place in Pure Elite UK Championships as a Pro!


But aside from being a great coach, Dan is just a wonderful, warm and caring person. He took care of my well-being throughout the whole prep and provided me as much comfort as possible during the process of prepping for the competition. He took care of every aspect of the prep, even helping me in gaining confidence and fluency in my posing. Actually, it felt like he was on stage with me. So he is not only a trainer, but also a mate who can help both a beginner and a person with some experience but with a need of a new, objective approach and willing to do a step further. Dan, I recommend you with all my heart and thank you for everything!




This summer I decided to do a long distance endurance based walk from St Bees on the Irish Sea in Cumbria to Robin Hood's Bay on the coast of Yorkshire.  The walk is 192 miles and includes nearly 30,000 of elevation and I chose to undertake it in 12 days.


When the start date got closer I approached Dan to see if he could help put together a programme to help increase leg strength for the trip but to also keep some cardio and walking in my routine.  I had used Dan to design me a programme before and had found him approachable and helpful as well as supportive and encouraging.  This continued into this programme.  He designed a block of training that was weighted towards leg workouts with some upper body included.  He also worked it around a daily step count and the cardio workouts I wanted to continue and a long walk each weekend.  Calorie and protein goals were also included.  The programme was fantastic!  My leg strength increased enormously over the weeks and Dan was always massively enthusiastic and supportive.


I completed the walk in the 12 days with no leg fatigue at all.  Even the big climbs and long days were totally achievable and when I got to the end I could have kept going!  Working with Dan was a total pleasure and made a challenging undertaking a joy from beginning to end.


Huge thanks to Dan and I would totally recommend him if you are looking for support and training with an endurance event.

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